Clinton did a fantastic job as our Outreach Coorodinator for the Watershed Education Network (WEN) Examples of the creative images and slogans for fundraising events that included posters, postcards, tickets and table tents that all showcased WEN’s work in a matching theme. Clinton also took responsibility for WEN’s annual report which included editing text written by staff, putting photos, graphs, images and interviews in place, awhile patiently accepting edits and changes. WEN’s staff, interns and volunteers all worked well with Clinton and he gained respect for his inclusive brainstorm sessions and innovative products, such as the WEN bookmark that we now handout at each river field trip. Clinton’s professional demeanor and delightful sense of humor make him a great asset to any work setting.
— Deb Fassnacht {Executive Director - Watershed Education Network}

I served as Clinton’s Campus Corps Leader for one year. I remember the day I met him and afterwards thinking “this guy is guy is going to do amazing things in life.” Throughout the year he affirmed that thought time and time again. As a Campus Corps member serving with The Watershed Education Network (WEN), Clinton strengthened WEN’s social media presence in the community through his use of marketing and media skills, provided outreach and coordination for several University of MT Campus Corps events and played a pivotal role in the Campus Corps community/team. Clinton’s determination, openness, ingenuity and passion made him stand out not only as a Campus Corps member at the University of Montana, but also as a community member of Missoula
— Shanna Ungate {Former Americorps Campus Corps Leader}

Clint’s work to develop Chophouse Hijack demonstrates his ability to work collaboratively to plan and execute projects that have many moving parts. Chophouse Hijack is an excellent example of Clint’s entrepreneurial spirit, his support of small independent businesses, and his dedication to sustainable practices.
— David Camphouse {Former Coordinator of Local Food Programs at John Wood Community College}

Clinton has been a pleasure to work with, not only on the board of Cornerstone, but also in business matters between our companies. Clinton is a tireless worker and a networking machine. Liked by all, Clinton is a terrific person and is very intelligent. I would highly recommend Clinton for any board or organization with the need for a smart, thoughtful, and high-energy person!
— Eric Thomas {Former Fellow Board Member at Cornerstone Foundation for Families}

Clinton’s position at Georgia State University’s Outdoor Recreation Program was listed technically as an internship. Student internships in the field of recreation can be paid or unpaid, and be seen as a subordinate position under Graduate Assistants or high class position above them. Clinton’s abilities automatically excelled his position to essentially the 2nd in command next to myself, full-time Coordinator of Outdoor Recreation. A common phrase in business is “lead, follow, or get out of the way”. Clinton took the lead and was quite impressive in everything from learning curve of new job duties, to creation and implementation of new work. He excelled far above his intended-to-be superiors, and his class of work was a no nonsense, dependable line of performance that allowed us to work side by side with great collaboration and zero micro management.
— Carson Tortorige {Outdoor Recreation Coordinator at Georgia State University}

Clinton is an intelligent, dedicated, hard-working and friendly person. I’ve been having classes with him for over year now. He always brought a unique perspective into our classes. His expertise is not only on recreation, but creative marketing, team building and teaching. He also has a good knowledge of computers. I remember one time that he helped me connect my computer with the computer system in the classroom successfully when the program run in my computer was in Chinese. It was very impressive! With his background and all different experience, I strongly believe that Clinton will be an valuable asset for any companies. I highly recommend him!
— Yvonne Yang {Fellow Graduate Student at the University of New Hampshire}

Clinton is best described as a passionate leader. He truly cares about situations that matter on a community level and global scale. I met Clinton through our Masters Cohort at the University of New Hampshire where we study Recreation Management & Policy. Throughout our shared courses Clinton provided insightful questions and thoughts from his diverse perspective and experiences. Clinton is not afraid to give his opinion and thoughts on a wide range of topics and issues.

I have also had the opportunity to observe Clinton teaching courses ranging from 6 students (graduate course) to around 220 students (undergraduate course). Clinton has a great teaching style that fully engages each student. He provides detailed information backed with research that supports his legitimacy as an exceptional teacher and researcher. I have personally learned many new things from Clinton that have changed my perspective not only on my education but on the choices I make.

Clinton is also an outstanding person who has a great set or moral values. I would highly recommend Clinton for any job, teaching opportunity, or other graduate level programs beyond the University of New Hampshire.
— Myles Lynch {Fellow Graduate Student at the University of New Hampshire}

Clinton and I met during a Touch The Earth white water rafting trip that he was guiding. For many of the participants, including myself, it was our first experience with white water rafting. Clinton was very attune to whether someone was apprehensive and offered up words of encouragement and professional experience to help them gain confidence. He was also an excellent guide because of his training and knowledge about the equipment. His instructions to the group were incredibly easy to understand and everyone eased into the raft for some awesome waves! Overall, he’s a great guide and any company would be extremely lucky to have him!
— Laura Beamer {Former Trip Participant at Georgia State University}