Dirt Bag Paddlers Online | 2016-Present
"Drive South To Summer"
"Message in a Bottle"

University of Montana Chapter of Outdoor Writers Association of America | 2011-2013

Montana Headwall | Online Contributor | 2011-2013
“From Grooms To Plumes”
“If Saturn Returns, Tell Him I’ll Be Back Monday”

Conserve Montana Essay | Watershed Education Network | 2012
“Our Favorite Photos”

Montana River Stories | 2012
Aspersion, Affusion, Immersion

Clintergalactic.com | Personal Blog
“Montana Miles” | 2013
El Lobo Norteño” | 2012

Liveoutdoors.com | Hunting Writer | 2011-2012

“Embrace the Bark”
“Goose Egg”
“Beautiful Bruises”
“Elk Scouting”
“Missing Midwest Whitetails”
“Be a Nature Nerd”
“Shorts and Teal”
“Good Ol’Red”
“Skipping the Scrapple”
“Windproof Luck”
“Venison Backstrap”

Cornerstone Foundation For Families | 2011
Press Release for First Dancing With Local Stars Event

Masters Work
Orienting a Tree Hugger: Exploring the Role of Personality Traits and Setting in the Development of Biophilia Values in Undergraduate Orientation Participants 

[The first three chapters of a masters thesis proposal]