Operating at the Intersection of People, Place & Meaning


Water issues are a central focus of my professional and academic pursuits. Having grown up along the banks of the Mississippi river and avidly whitewater kayaking for over 13 years, the goal of protecting watersheds and the communities that depend upon them is my mission. Nearly 20 years of experience coordinating complex projects, and significant experience working in recreation, education, collaboration, program management, marketing, outreach and advocacy have prepared me to act collaboratively with others on  landscapes and watersheds throughout the country.

All photography by Clinton Begley



Building connections is my objective. Leveraging resources together collaboratively is my method. Separating interests from positions towards sustainable landscapes and livelihoods is my goalThe guiding reticulation of values shaped by knowledge & extensive experience in connection with nature is my ethos.

Let me Tell You A Story 


In a world that increasingly values screens as much as scenes, organizations must be creative in inspiring and propelling their mission through novel mediums to make meaningful stakeholder impacts. The mechanisms are always in flux, but the motivation is the same; I believe in telling an honest story that people want to be a part of. 
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